General study
Feasibility study for the creation of the link connecting the cornices: sabadia – tala youssef and moro viejo-islly via calabonita
Technical execution study relating to the development works of the administrative buildings in the provinces and prefectures of: agadir ida outanane, inezgane ait melloul, taroudant and chtouka ait baha.
Technical studies and monitoring of the construction works of a green mine university campus in khouribga on behalf of the office cherifien du phosphate ocp

NextEtudes Bureau d’Etudes Ingénierie is proud to present its project for technical studies and monitoring of the construction work of an innovative university campus entitled “Green Mine” in Khouribga. This large-scale project, carried out on behalf of the Office Chérifien du Phosphate (OCP), aims to create a leading learning environment, in harmony with the needs of the mining sector and green industry. The university campus will offer modern and sustainable infrastructures, promoting academic excellence, scientific research and innovation. NextEtudes Bureau d’Etudes Ingénierie is committed to guaranteeing the quality, safety and functionality of the project, by ensuring rigorous monitoring of each construction stage.


  1. An avant-garde university campus for Khouribga
  2. A project in line with the mining and green industry
  3. Modern infrastructure to promote academic excellence
  4. NextEtudes Engineering Design Office: a trusted partner for OCP
  5. Careful monitoring to ensure the quality and safety of the project

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