General study
Study for the construction of rural roads over 40 km through the circles of IGHERM province of TAROUDANNT and AIT BAHA province of CHTOUKA AIT BAHA
General study
Study of the construction of road links over 30 km under the local authority OULAD DAHOU prefecture of INZEGANE AIT MELLOUL
General study

The NextEtudes engineering design office is proud to present its technical assistance project to the contracting authority for the technical and topographic control of the road construction works linking the AGADIR MELLOUL PK 36 RP 1743 headquarters and the ASSERAGH douar. This project aims to reduce territorial and social disparities within the framework of the Regional Development Fund (FDR) program of the province of TAROUDANT. The 29 km long road will be designed and built to the highest standards of quality and sustainability, thus ensuring improved connectivity and easy access to the surrounding regions. The NextEtudes engineering design office is committed to providing technical expertise and rigorous supervision throughout the construction process, thus guaranteeing the successful completion of this essential project for regional development.


  1. NextEtudes Bureau d’Etudes Ingénierie ensures the Technical and Topographic Control of the Construction of the Road between AGADIR MELLOUL and Douar ASSERAGH in the Province of TAROUDANT.
  2. Reduction of Territorial and Social Disparities: NextStudies in Charge of the Construction of the AGADIR MELLOUL – Douar ASSERAGH Road.
  3. FDR Program: NextEtudes Boosts Regional Development with the Construction of a Strategic Road in TAROUDANT.

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