Monitoring the construction of a rescue center and a reception and training center for civil protection in Immouzar Kandar (single lot).
Technical studies, general control and technical monitoring of the construction works of schools in the Souss Massa Region

Technical assistance monitoring and coordination of the construction works of preschool rooms Al Omrane Fez Meknes – Creation of a Quality Educational Environment for Young Learners.

NextEtudes Bureau d’Etudes Ingénierie is proud to present its technical assistance project for the monitoring and coordination of the construction works of the Al Omrane Fez Meknes preschool rooms. This project aims to create a quality educational environment for young learners in the region. Thanks to our engineering expertise, we ensure the careful supervision of construction works, the effective coordination between the various stakeholders and the guarantee of compliance with quality and safety standards. Our dedicated team makes every effort to ensure the successful delivery of these preschool rooms

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