Technical studies Extension and development works of the Zagora CHP
Execution studies and monitoring of the construction works of the Tangier – Larache LGV

Technical Assistance for Construction Works of eighteen (18) metfias intended for rainwater collection in the ABHSM action area

The project carried out by the Nextetudes Bureau d’Etudes Ingénierie for the Technical Assistance Project for the Construction of eighteen (18) metfias intended for the capture of rainwater in the area of ​​action of the ABHSM represents a significant step forward for the sustainable management of water resources in this region. Thanks to a technical approach and cutting-edge expertise, this project aims to design and supervise the construction of these metfias, which will play an essential role in the collection and conservation of rainwater. This initiative will help mitigate the risk of flooding, improve access to water for local communities, and promote the wise use of natural resources. In short, this project demonstrates the design office’s commitment to sustainable development and the preservation of the environment in the region served by the ABHSM.

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