General study
Provision of technical audit services under the contract for the technical audit of the 2009-2012 emergency program
General study
Technical assistance to the contracting authority for the technical and topographic control of the construction works of the road linking the AGADIR headquarters
General study

NextEtudes Engineering Design Office is carrying out the Study Project for the construction of rural roads over 40 km through the circles of IGHERM in the province of TAROUDANNT and AIT BAHA in the province of CHTOUKA AIT BAHA. This project aims to improve the accessibility and connectivity of rural areas by developing a network of well-designed and sustainable tracks. Rural roads will play a crucial role in the socio-economic development of these regions by facilitating the transport of goods and people, stimulating local trade and promoting access to essential services such as health facilities and schools. This project is part of a sustainable development approach taking into account the environmental impact and promoting the social inclusion of local communities.


  1. NextEtudes Bureau d’Etudes Ingénierie is carrying out a rural road construction project to improve accessibility in the provinces of TAROUDANNT and CHTOUKA AIT BAHA.
  2. Socio-economic development: NextEtudes is building a network of rural tracks in the circles of IGHERM and AIT BAHA.
  3. Rural road construction project: NextEtudes promotes social inclusion and sustainable development in rural Morocco.
  4. Sustainable rural roads: NextEtudes is committed to accessible and ecological transport in the provinces of TAROUDANNT and CHTOUKA AIT BAHA.


  1. NextEtudes Bureau d’Études Ingénierie réalise un projet de construction de pistes rurales pour améliorer l’accessibilité dans les provinces de TAROUDANNT et CHTOUKA AIT BAHA.
  2. Développement socio-économique : NextEtudes construit un réseau de pistes rurales dans les cercles d’IGHERM et AIT BAHA.
  3. Projet de construction de pistes rurales : NextEtudes favorise l’inclusion sociale et le développement durable dans les régions rurales du Maroc.
  4. Pistes rurales durables : NextEtudes s’engage pour un transport accessible et écologique dans les provinces de TAROUDANNT et CHTOUKA AIT BAHA.

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