Our Values


We have as an objective marked in our genetic code to respect our commitments and the budgetary envelope of the projects. The five values that characterize us are


meeting customer requirements and understanding their explicit as well as implicit needs is our concernprimordiale


Autonomy and initiative best characterize the spirit that animates NEXTETUDES employees. This is how nothing is left to chance in the services provided


NEXT ETUDES employees are aware of the issues facing their clients. This is why they apply themselves to carrying out their services with rigor


Honesty and transparency are essential qualities at NEXT ETUDES Where trust is the basis of its relationships

Team spirit

NEXT ETUDES is organized into close-knit teams in which employees pool their various skills. These teams operate with the same spirit of complementarity and respect for others.

In addition to responding to the architect’s description, NEXT ETUDES stands out for its ability to offer – for each project – alternative solutions, which sometimes requires imagining innovative technical solutions to meet architectural challenges. This is its added value. These alternatives can lead to reconfiguring the structure of the project completely. The know-how of this Design Office is therefore essential since it must put all its experience to the benefit of a global design and work in a three-way relationship with the architect and the end customer.

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