Technical study and monitoring of work to carry out a study for the installation of a video surveillance and access control system by badge and badge at the port of Dakhla
Technical studies Extension and development works of the Zagora CHP

The NextEtudes Engineering Design Office is proud to present its latest swimming pool development project for the Hotel Les Omeyades Agadir. With recognized expertise in the field of hotel engineering, NextEtudes has designed an exceptional swimming pool that will delight hotel guests. Les Omeyades Agadir is a place of relaxation and luxury, and the new swimming pool represents a real jewel within this prestigious establishment. Thanks to an innovative approach and state-of-the-art techniques, NextEtudes has created a harmonious aquatic space that combines elegance, comfort and functionality. Guests will be able to enjoy an unforgettable bathing experience in an enchanting setting, right in the heart of the natural beauty of Agadir. This project is the result of the NextEtudes team’s passion and commitment to providing exceptional fit-out solutions for the hospitality industry.

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