Hydrology, hydraulics and water resources

Nextetudes services in the Hydrology, hydraulics and water resources sector

  • Presentation of the importance of hydrology, hydraulics and water resources in prevention flooding.
  • Brief description of NextEtudes Bureau d’Etudes and its sectors of activity.

I. Studies of surface water resources

  • Explanation of the importance of understanding surface water resources to assess the potential for flooding.
  • Presentation of the various studies carried out by NextStudies Design office to assess and manage surface water resources.
  • Concrete examples of studies carried out for flood protection.

II. Groundwater Resources Studies

  • Exploration of the importance of groundwater resources studies for flood prevention.
  • Presentation of the methods used by NextEtudes Design office to study groundwater resources.
  • Examples of projects where these studies have made it possible to effectively prevent flooding.

III. Broad hydrology and hydraulic modeling

  • Explanation of the importance of hydrology and hydraulic modeling in water resource management and flood prevention.
  • Presentation of the tools and techniques used by NextEtudes Bureau d’Etudes to carry out precise hydraulic modelling.
  • Examples of projects where hydrology and hydraulic modeling have made it possible to take preventive measures to prevent flooding.
Roads and various networks (VRD)
Road infrastructure

• By its desire to contribute effectively to the enhancement of the environment and sustainable development, NEXT ETUDES offers services relating to:
• Environmental impact studies for depollution
•In addition, it aims to rationally integrate thinking on sustainable development into all engineering phases of other sectors

• Thanks to proven expertise in the development of roads and electricity networks and telecommunications, we offer our customers the necessary engineering, from design to support for implementation.

• As an active actor in this field. The office performs the following tasks:
• Pre-project and execution studies (design, calculation, measurements, etc.) Establishment of technical requirements (CPS, DCE, etc.)
•Subject mastery
•Management and coordination of construction sites

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