Nextetudes services in the environmental sector

Section 1: Services offered by NEXT ETUDES

  • Detailed explanation of the various services offered by NEXT ETUDES to contribute to enhancement of the environment.
  • Environmental impact and depollution studies: Highlighting the expertise of NEXT ETUDES in carrying out studies to measure the impact of human activities on the environment. environment and to offer depollution solutions.
  • Solid waste management: Presentation of the solutions proposed by NEXT ETUDES to manage solid waste efficiently and responsibly, with an emphasis on recycling and reduction of waste.

Section 2: Integration of sustainable development in all phases of engineering

  • Explanation of the ambition of NEXT ETUDES to integrate reflection on sustainable development in all engineering phases of other sectors.
  • Concrete examples of projects carried out by NEXT ETUDES where consideration of sustainable development has been integrated from the design stage.</li >
  • Importance of this integrated approach to ensure a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.
Hydrology, hydraulics and water resources
Roads and various networks (VRD)
Drinking water and sanitation

•The field of action of the office concerns:
• Studies of surface water resources Flood protection
•Studies of groundwater resources
•Hydrology in the broad sense and hydraulic modeling

• Thanks to proven expertise in the development of roads and electricity networks and telecommunications, we offer our customers the necessary engineering, from design to support for implementation.

•The office carries out all study services relating to:
•Drinking water supply (in rural, industrial areas, etc.) Drinking water distribution
• Liquid sanitation
•The construction of wastewater treatment and treatment plants

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