Drinking water and sanitation

Nextetudes services in the drinking water and sanitation sector

  • Presentation of the importance of studies and study services in the field of water
  • Brief introduction to our design office and our expertise in the drinking water supply and sanitation sectors

I. Drinking water supply:

  • Explanation of the crucial role of drinking water supply in rural and industrial environments
  • Presentation of our study services related to drinking water supply, emphasizing our expertise and experience in this field
  • Description of the different phases of the study, from design to construction of the necessary infrastructure
  • Highlighting our ability to develop tailor-made solutions according to the specific needs of each project

II. Distribution of drinking water:

  • Importance of the efficient distribution of drinking water to ensure a constant and reliable supply
  • Presentation of our skills in drinking water distribution studies, highlighting our approach focused on efficiency and sustainability
  • Description of the different stages of the study of the distribution of drinking water, from the analysis of needs to the establishment of distribution networks
  • Concrete examples of successful drinking water distribution projects carried out by our design office

III. Liquid sanitation:

  • Explanation of the importance of liquid sanitation for environmental preservation and public health
  • Presentation of our liquid sanitation study services, including the design and construction of wastewater treatment and treatment plants
  • Description of the different stages of the study of liquid sanitation, highlighting our commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Reference to successful liquid sanitation projects carried out by our design office, with tangible and positive results
Roads and various networks (VRD)
Road infrastructure

Intervention in the building sector affects the various related aspects:
•- Major Works (reinforced concrete, metal/wooden framework, mixed structures);
Second works: Plumbing, fluid, sanitation and electricity

• Thanks to proven expertise in the development of roads and electricity and telecommunications networks, we offer our customers the necessary engineering, from design to support for implementation.

As an active player in this field. The office performs the following tasks:
•Pre-project and execution studies (design, calculation, measurements, etc.) Establishment of requirements
technical (CPS, DCE…)
•Subject mastery
•Management and coordination of construction sites

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