Collège à Victoria City Bouskoura
High school institution in Victoria City Bouskoura
Technical studies and follow-up of the construction works of a national defense professional training center
Projet de construction de trois amphithéâtres à la faculté

The construction project of three amphitheaters at the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat is a major achievement orchestrated by NextEtudes Bureau d’Etudes Ingénierie. This project aims to provide modern and suitable facilities for advanced medical education in the Moroccan capital. NextEtudes uses its engineering expertise to design and build three spacious and functional lecture halls, providing an optimal learning environment for students and teachers. The design office is committed to the highest quality standards throughout the construction process, with an emphasis on energy efficiency, safety and accessibility. This project marks a significant step in the development of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of Rabat, thus reinforcing its reputation as a leading teaching institution in the field of health.

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