Groupe Scolaire d’Abobo pour le compte de la fondation Children
Abobo School Group on behalf of the Children Of Africa Foundation in Abobo-Anador
Bâtiment de la gendarmerie royale au port de Media Kenitra
Building of the Royal Gendarmerie at the port of Mehdia Kenitra
Construction d'une résidence privée Cocody

This high-end project combines contemporary aesthetics with superior quality standards to provide a luxurious and comfortable living environment. NextEtudes’ experienced team implements innovative and sustainable solutions to meet specific client requirements, ensuring that every detail is carefully considered. Thanks to its technical expertise and its close collaboration with the various trades, NextEtudes creates a unique residence that reflects the style and aspirations of its occupants. The private residence in Cocody is a true feat of engineering and design, a testament to NextEtudes’ excellence in delivering premier construction projects.

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