Construction d'une résidence privée Cocody
Construction of a private residence Cocody
Extension de l’ISEM Institut Supérieur des Etudes Maritimes à Casablanca
Extension of the ISEM Higher Institute of Maritime Studies in Casablanca
Bâtiment de la gendarmerie royale au port de Media Kenitra

Royal Gendarmerie Building Project at the Port of Mehdia, Kenitra. As a company specializing in engineering, NextEtudes has worked closely with the competent authorities to design and build a modern and functional building that meets the specific needs of the Royal Gendarmerie. This project showcases NextEtudes’ expertise in architectural design, project management and construction, thus guaranteeing a secure and suitable infrastructure for the essential operations of the Royal Gendarmerie. The NextEtudes Engineering Design Office is honored to have been selected for this major undertaking and is delighted to contribute to the realization of this national project.

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